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After Update to V10.66 Flash Magic's fm.exe does not work anymore:
Error "device not connected" appears.
I double checked the Parameters and even tried the "fm.exe @commandfile.txt"- way. Same result.
(The "Windows Version" works fine, nevertheless)
(I tried with and without installing the USB Driver Option. It is not needed as I use a Serial port)
When uninstalling 10.66 and installing the old 7.66 everything works fine again. (7.71 works fine, too)
Is this a known problem or can anyone confirm it works in 10.66 without issues?

General / Is there a possibility for device mismatch warning in FM-Console?
« on: February 10, 2011, 07:03:40 am »
Hi All,
I'm using Flashmagic both as GUI  and as batch file, too.
If a selected device in the GUI  doesn't match the connected device, a warning pops up. Thats great!
Not so in the  FM console:
When using the console programming I can select a LPC 2377  and program for example a LPC2478 without warning.
fm COM(1, 115200) DEVICE(LPC2377, 4.000000) HEXFILE(hexfile.hex, NOCHECKSUMS, NOFILL, PROTECTISP) VERIFY(hexfile.hex, NOCHECKSUMS)
Not even verify gives errors.
Will there any errorlevel value given back when doing actions on a wrong device? I would be glad when able to avoid overwriting other devices.

Alternatively, I found the READSIGNATURE command.
But it helps a little only, as it requires double checking of a 9 digit number. And do I know if the signature remains the same during all life cycle of a LPC2478?

LPC2xxx / LPC2478 only runs when code flashed via JTAG - not via FM
« on: February 27, 2010, 12:52:14 pm »
Dear Andy, dear friends ,
the problem occurs on a new developed board. It is the 2nd board we developed with LPC2478, on the 1st one the effect was unknown.

Now let me describe the problem:
Firmware runs fine when downloading with Tantino JTAG Debugger under Hitex IDE. It remains and runs without Tantino, too.

Now I download the ihex file with FM in ISP mode. Verify ok.
But doesn't start!

So I checked the quartz: No oscillation. Obviously firmware doesn't initialize the clk-registers.

I checked the hexfile: looks fine up to 0x4C and above (where the inits begin) and the code looks exactly the same as in the IDE.
I double checked with the binary I obtained when running objcopy with binary option.
Finally I'm sure the elf-, the ihex- and the bin-files are o.k.
But when I display (read back) the code from flash, I see differences, many 00.

The code for the 1st board was pretty smaller. So I suspected the size as a problem.
I loaded it (for it was a running code) and - it started the quartz.
Next I manipulated the ihex file to get a shorter code - guess what? Quartz started.

I load the original ihex - same problem as in the beginning.

When programming with FM the counter starts at 7xxxx..something I can't fix because it counts down to fast. (Is it 7CFFF???)

Does FM check file size/flash overflows? I suspect there may be my problem.

Best regards

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