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Hi all,

We have a board using NXP LPC54628J512 (512KB flash) with a 256MB external flash S25FL256SAGNFI001 (SPIFI). Our hex file is around 20MB.

We expect to program the hex file to internal flash first and the remaining part which is larger than 512KB can be programmed to external falsh.

At first, J-link emulator was used to program the hex file, the program was downloaded and run sucessfully on board. However when using Flash Magic (when programming, MCU is in ISP mode, ISP2/ISP1/ISP0 is 1/1/0), although it seemed to be able to program the hex file (after programming it showed "Finished" with green, and after clicking "ISP -> Verify" it showed "Hex File verified OK"), our program cannot be run normally. The external flash seemed not be written.

We would like to program this large hex file without emulator, is it possible to use Flash Magic to program the large hex file as J-link does? Or are there any other solutions to the problem we met? Any commnets are welcome.


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