Author Topic: device signature error!P89c61x2BA  (Read 5342 times)


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device signature error!P89c61x2BA
« on: January 21, 2008, 12:42:54 am »
When i used FM to programme my MCU "P89C61X2BA 1G3010 AtG0603G",it issued a hint  that "The device signature does not match the expected values.Accessing a device using the wrong protocol could render the device unusable.Do you want to countinue?"Then i read the signature by FM and the siganture is "Manufacture ID :0x15.Device ID1 :0xc2 Device ID2 :0x82 ".Whats the problem?
 Also when i selected the device "P89C61X2" from the up-down list there was a warning "Please ensure the device you have chosen matches your actual device.Attempting to use this device selection with a different device could result in inability to reprogramme it via ISP.The only remedy will be to use a parallel programmer to erase the device. "Why?
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