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I know the XA-G49 series has been out of production for a while but I was hoping someone still has one or 2 of these laying around that are in working condition.
I ordered 2 from china which were DOA and I am getting desperate.  :)

I'm not sure if it's allowed to post a request like this here so my apologies if I am.


I recently ordered Qty 10 from China. Can you guide me please which hardware and software are you using to read and write program in it.

Andy Ayre:
Why would you want to start a new project using devices that are no longer in production? There are more modern alternatives such as ARM-Cortex that are easier to develop with.

Having said that, Flash Magic still fully supports the XA devices. We don't have an example schematic diagram - there should be something in the datasheet from NXP.


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