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USB-ICP-80C51ISP on a XA-G49


Programming an XA-G49 with a USB-ICP-80C51ISP. The scope is showing that the Reset line (at the microcontroller) is never being pulled low. The PSEN IS being pulled low. The programmer is suppose to pull the reset low... isn't it or do I have to do that? Also PIN 13 (Tx on microcontroller) is being pulled low then released. Nothing on PIN 11(Rx on microcontroller from Tx on programmer). It is failing the Device Signature.

Thanks for your time

Andy Ayre:
Yes the interface should be controlling the reset line.

Have you contacted Future Designs to see if that 8051 interface supports the XA?

The XA-G49 is listed as a "Supported Device" for the USB-ICP-80C51ISP.

Andy Ayre:
Best bet is to contact them directly for help with their interface. From the Flash Magic point of view it is a "black box" we send ASCII commands to.

Are you working on a new development or maintaining an existing product? If maintaining what was originally used to update firmware? For new developments the XA family reached end-of-life years ago.


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