LPC1227/301 Command Line issue

Started by spybeck, November 17, 2015, 06:34:38 AM

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Hi Sir,

I am successfully to program NXP LPC1227/301 using Flash Magic GUI (refer to IMG_20151117_215733.jpg), but fail to program using command line (refer to IMG_20151117_220021.jpg).

Below is the command line which i type to the command Prompt, please correct me if any command wrong.

C:\Program Files\Flash Magic>FM COM(4,38400) DEVICE(LPC1227/301,11.0592) ERASE(DEVICE,PROTECTISP)  HEXFILE("C:\RE_601_COMM_02_20_07.hex",NOCHECKSUMS,FILL,PROTECTISP)  VERIFY("C:\RE_601_COMM_02_20_07.hex",NOCHECKSUMS) READCRC(DEVICE)


Andy Ayre

DEVICE directive takes three parameters - see section 8.6 in the manual.

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