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Title: about SoftICE
Post by: Mucter on October 08, 2009, 07:40:30 pm
I am researching for SoftICE.
I found same word SoftICE that SST developed and works with Keil debugger.
Its Hex data is downloadable from SST website.

It and NXP shiped MCU's SoftICE located at 0x10800-0x11F00 look like very well.
For Example,
SST: 0xE556 : 56 33 2E 34 (=> V3.4)

Shiped NXP MCU: 0x10D56 : 56 33 2E 34 (=> V3.4) 

               : 0x0D56  : 56 33 2E 34 (=> V3.4) 
(linked from forum. I can't come to this address normaly in NXP web site,then I cannot judge if
 this is the latest .At least Bootloader in this is for 89V51RD2 and old.)

I guess these origins might be identical.

Through my destributer, NXP answered that they don't support SoftICE, ask Keil.

I have 3 questions.
Though it might be different from the aim of this forum,
if someone knows, let me know.

(1) Where Can I get latest SoftICE for P89LV51Rx2.
(2) Who developed the SoftICE for P89LV51Rx2?
(3) If (2)'s answer is SST, Why NXP doesn't mention about SST through they ship SoftICE into MCU.
Title: Re: about SoftICE
Post by: Mucter on October 17, 2009, 06:41:41 am
NXP answered to me following.

- SoftICE is a SST's Product.
- SST asked NXP to install SoftICE to shiped MCU.
- NXP can't offer latest SoftICE. If required , a user must purchase SoftICE from SST.

uuum. not so bad.
I wonder if SoftICE is so worth.