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I already read about this problem in other posts in this forum, but I don't have found the solution.
I can't erase the whole Flash or the block used by the hex file using the P89V51RC2FN with FM.

Does anybody solved the issue?

I know, I can erase the whole MCU by [ISP] > [Erase Page...] > [Erase All], but anybody knows why doesn't the blocks erase work?

May be, is it an ISP command bug?



P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Re: Problem programming 89V51RC2.
« on: May 18, 2007, 01:53:58 pm »
The 400ms should be the maximum watchdog timeout period at 11.0592MHz. Does it not work out to that value?

Hi Andy,
first of all, thank you for the nice Flash Magic program. I'm a HAM radio and I use it for my home workshop applications. It's great.

No, it doesn't work with 400ms. First I started with T1=200ms and T2=300ms (the values used for the C51RC2) and the communication was over, then (after I took a look to the signals with the DSO) I reduced T2 to 100ms and it works great!

P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Re: Problem programming 89V51RC2.
« on: May 18, 2007, 03:45:30 am »
Just fixed it!
I reduced T2 to 100ms and it works ok.
Now the question is: why the 89V51RC2 starts the user firmware so quickly?
NXP stated that it should delay 400ms @ 12MHz (see NXP app.note TN06007.pdf), and my own board clock is just 12MHz.

P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Re: Problem programming 89V51RC2.
« on: May 18, 2007, 02:48:36 am »
I missed to tell you that my own board switches the PSEN to GND and P2.7 to VDD, when Falsh Magic asserts the RTS line.

P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Problem programming 89V51RC2.
« on: May 18, 2007, 02:39:55 am »
Hi there,
I used Flash Magic with success with my own circuitry based on the 89C51RC2 having no problems.
Now I tried to use it with the 89v51RC from MXP, and I'm not able to communicate with it.
Whether I place one 89C51RC2 on the same board it works right, so I suppose the board is working fine.
I looked to the RXD, TXD and RST signal during the Flash Magic communication initialization procedure, and I can see a very well shaped 200ms reset signal, followed after 300ms by the "U" character on the RXD, but no response on the TXD line.
Therefore, I programmed the device using the parallel programmer with my user code, and looking to some signals quickly asserted after reset, I established that the MPU enters the user code just 160ms after the RST line is released.
Does anybody have suggestions about this?

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