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P89C51Rx+/P89C51Rx2/P89C66x/P89C6xX2/P89V66x / Re: 89C51RD2xx
« on: February 27, 2005, 07:38:09 am »
When you say "while burning the code" does that mean programming starts and does not complete? Or do you get this error "before burning the code"? In the later case you might want to double check if the COM port you are using is really up and running and available. Depending on your computer's configuration the port could be used/reserved for a terminal program or a dial-up connection...


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Old Topics / Re: Interpreter fo Microcontroler
« on: September 07, 2003, 11:02:32 pm »
Macpharen wrote:
>     I think I need to have a tool that work like a BASIC
> interpreter in the firmware.  I can not use normal C compilers
> because they are so big, and need a special IDE.  Is there a
> cormmecial tool that can help me solve the problem.  Can I use
> FlashMagic?

You can use FlashMagic to program a hex file into the microcontroller. However, it will not help you or your clients to generate the hex file in the first place.

You would probably need some sort of interpreter engine (BASIC or such) in the microcontroller and then use a customized loader program (FlashMagic could be customized to do this) to load the code to be interpreted, which would probably be an ASCII text file.

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