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ARM Cortex / Re: LPC1114 programing fails
« on: September 15, 2014, 08:55:50 AM »
Thank you for your replay Andy.

I found what was causing the problem this morning (my local time). After probing the connections I found out that one of the Vdd solder joints was, shame on me, insufficient. It showed about 3,1V instead of 3,3V... . It is unbelievable that I could read the memory and even erase it but such a small mistake interrupted the flashing procedure.
It only shows how important it is to have stable supply.
Anyway I you feel my debug file will be vital for the future magic flash development I can send you one which I created before I fixed the solder joint.

ARM Cortex / LPC1114 programing fails
« on: September 13, 2014, 09:16:09 AM »

I am new to 32bit microcontrollers and when I wanted to program my lpc1114 for the first time I expierienced a problem which I can't solve.

I am using LPC1114/302 and FT232RL.
I am turning LPC1114 into ISP mode manually by gnding and ungdning reset and P0.1 pins.

When I turn LPC into the ISP mode and execute flash magic I can for example read device signature and display memory (I can see '?' turning into 'F' and zeros so i assume it is working). However when I START to download my simple led blinking .hex file to the flash memory I receive an alert saying "Unable to communicate. (transmit/receive)".

After that I cannot do anything. I can't even read device signature because it says "failed to autobaud". All I can do is reset the device and turn it into ISP mode again.

I tried everything. I tried 3 different versions of Flash Magic (some people said it would help), I tried many different baud rates, I checked the cables (I even replaced them with new ones), I used all USBs on my computer and I still experience the same problem.

I would be grateful if somebode helped me with solving this problem because it is driving me crazy.

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