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I know this is a very old post!

The NXP v7 bootloader is supposed to have a new provision for modifying ISP entry methods at bootup, based on Port-Pin values.  I could not get this new ISP command, for PortCheck (0CH)  to work with my version of NXP v7 bootloaders.
I tried with P89V51RD2 & SSTE516RD chips,  after parallel-programming them with v7 bootloader.
The programming is successfull & verified. It also responds to FlashMagic to all (most) commands.

But when I tried with FlashMagic (as well as HyperTerminal), with following new (0CH) ISP command: 
:0200000C01846D   ; PortCheck P0.4 low (0v) to enter BootLoader
:00000001FF       ; EOF record

It is not having desired effect. And Block-1 code is corrupted, by this.
No auto-baud problem, since FMagic is communicating & reading Device-Sig, before attempting above.  But after because of Block-1 corruption, FM stops working.  Can some body say, what I am doing wrong?

To clarify further on the v7-bootloader I have used. I am detailing below.
But can some one send me the MD5 Checksum hash of the correct v7-bootloader-binary, which works?

I downloaded the "" from "" site.
I gives v7 bootloader-update file "P89V51RD2_V07_UPD_ISP.hex".
The corresponding bin file has MD5= 15320aa33728e976c95e2fcfb5630a75

I have 3 following versions [a, b, c] of NXP-v7 bootloaders:-..

a) Created from "P89V51RD2_V07_UPD_ISP.bin", stripping out first 8KB [0 - 1FFFH]
   & zeroing initial 3 bytes.
   bin-file  MD5= 85981dbba9849e0c9fe8770e4c525e95
   (Method courtesy: "Jan Waclawek": )

b) Same as (a), but additionally, the range [0800H - 01EFF] is filled by an earlier ver-6 of bootloader, for SoftICE.
   This bin MD5= 86a75f11cdc6eb8a84628ea8b85524cb.    Incidentally this file was exactly same as, when I updated a v6-chip, by parallel-programmer-flashing "P89V51RD2_V07_UPD_ISP.hex" into its block-0, & then allowing it to run after reset. It self-flashed new (v7) bootloader into Block-1, and erased Block-0.
I tried this, since the FlashMagic [ISP-> Update BootLoader Command] did not work, on my v6-chip.

c) This 3rd one  I got from a site:   
MD5 = 46bfd75d677b173cdd6ea552a8a689d5

Can somebody verify these checksums? or better share links to a correct version, which works ( I mean the new ISP commands 0CH)?

Note: I use latest FlashMagic Tool (v10.x) & are experimenting with SSTE516RD chips, after inserting NXP-bootloader into them using parallel programmer.