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Hello Andy,

with some installers u can either tell them where a license file is located, save it in a config-file where other information are stored aswell or using a switch like --acceptlicense

However, i am pretty sure the license agreement can be disabled with a switch already (/SUPPRESSMSGBOXES should do it imo)
General Discussion / Silent Instal FlashMagicProdSys
January 22, 2018, 01:53:25 AM

i need to install Flash Magic Production System in silent mode. I already found the command line switches and the official documentation / help of command line arguments.

However, i get the following Dialog:
'The activation code is not valid for this product. Please contact the vendor where you purchased this product'

If i install the setup manually and enter my activation code everything works fine. I already tried to get that information i the setup-config file with /SAVEINF= and /LOADINF=

Is there a way passing the registration code to the installer?

Thanks for help,