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Hi  Andy,

Once a LPC900 has just entered the bootloader ISP mode...

a)  What's the best  Flashmagic command to confirm the LPC900 is in ISP mode?

b) Can I use the flashmagic terminal program to watch for serial  key stroke echos from the UART of the LPC900 to prove it's in ISP mode?

Thanks in Advance.

LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / ISP Command to Reset the LPC935
July 07, 2009, 06:02:56 AM
Hi Andy,

After reading the LPC935 User Manual  I notice there is a ISP command to reset the MCU...  does flashmagic send this as the last command after programming?

Does flashmagic have the ability to send ISP REST MCU command while MCU is in ISP mode?


LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / very quite here
March 03, 2009, 01:06:12 AM
very quite
LPC2xxx / OT Emulating flashmaigc with another micro
February 23, 2009, 04:24:12 AM

I have an LPC2148 connect to large controller (LC) micro... To program the LPC2148,  it is program via serial ISP similar to Flashmagic.  The LC micro has all the hardware that flashmagic uses to put the LPC2148 in to ISP mode.

We have most of the ISP serial commands down... and can inspect the flash of the LPC2148 with a debugger to see the flash is programmed but the GO 0x0000 0000, or a reset does not execute the LPC2148 flash programmed code.

What other commands are needed .... is the 2's compliment programmed in to 0x0000 0014  calculted by flash magic?

The USER manual Says

"Criterion for valid user code: The reserved ARM interrupt vector location (0x0000 0014)
should contain the 2's complement of the check-sum of the remaining interrupt vectors."

Thanks in advance
LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / P89LPC925 Bootloader Code
November 23, 2008, 10:04:06 AM
Hi ,

(I am trying also through NXP channels out this is slow and hoping some else has the hex file)

I am looking for the a hex file of the bootloader code that sits at the top of flash for the P89LPC925

Any ideas were to obtain it?


Would some with a Keil Complier/Assembler -  Assemble  the bootloader and email it to me, as I don't have Keil.

see attached

my  email address is   joe DOT g   @   optusnet DOT com DOT au

HI All,

Does some have the latest LPC900  ICP Programming Specifications they can send me... My copy is May 2005.  Has there been an update since?


joe DOT g  AT optusnet  DOT com  DOT au

Thanks in advance


P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / P89v51 Read Signiature incorrect
October 10, 2007, 07:57:08 AM
Hi Andy,

This is in reference to a parallel programmer  .... but I think i saw on this forum a similar problem using flash magic.

The problem is new shipments of P89v51 have a different read signature to the earlier supplied P89v51 parts.

IE  Philips branded ones have a working signature and the NXP branded ones do  not.

Do you have any advise or comments?

Thanks in advance .

General / FlashMagic Terminal Overrun buffer
July 22, 2007, 04:38:36 AM
Hi Andy,

I modified the Keil Blinky MCB2130 (LPC2138) ADC program and had the LPC2138 spit the ADC results out very frequently.

It seems the buffer in Terminal section of FlashMagic may get over run...

Buad Rate  9600 N,8,1. Keil code attached

The LPC2138 continually spits out  printf ("\nAIN0 Result = 0x%03X", val);

==> It takes a while for the terminal program to process and display the in coming data.

Just thought I would let you know.


P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / 89CV51Rx2 Flashmagic
May 12, 2007, 09:41:35 AM
Hi Andy,

I see Flash Magic version 3.59 release notes has a program option for 89CV51Rx2.

Is this part No correct?

HI All in the LPC2000 FLashmagic land,

I am look your experiences using a USB-to-Serial cable and some of the standard LPC2000 development boards from Keil, IAR OLIMEX and Embedded Artist.

Most of these dev boards use  DTR to pull a port pin down to put the LPC2000 in to bootloader mode.

I have heard that some USB-to-Serial Adapters may have RS232 signal timing differences between TxD, RxD, DTR etc.

What is your experince with these adapters?

OK,  I have had time to prove my theory of getting NoTouch ISP bootloader activating code working.

Please find the ASM code attached... Note it calls the ISP bootloader at 1F00h for the LPC932A1 and LPC935.

It's very simple code (no complicated IAP stuff required)!

Enjoy  Joe    ;D 

PS..... If your can't jmp to 1F00h (eg code stuck in a loop or other) then you can't activate the NoTouch bootloader, and ISP hardware entry will be required.

(Andy - you can hang it on your web site if you think it is suitable)
P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / FM RST to 'U char delay
February 03, 2007, 01:31:00 PM
Hi Andy,

Unable to start the boot loader of P89v51RD2

I have the following setup

FM Version  ver  3.43.183   8051/XA Driver Version 2.26.181,  Serial 9600Bd, COM1
P89V51RD2  (new, vergin chip)
11.0592MHz Xtal (oscillating - check by CRO)
RST circuit using  74HC125 as per application notes
ALE /PROG - 33k pullup
/PSEN - 33k pullup
/EA = Vdd

DTR -- RST T1  = 50mS
RST -- Not used

Using a CRO  I measured

a.  DTR -- RST correct  ~ 50mS

b. Delay between deaserted RST  and  'U' transmission  400mS

It would seem the b. delay is too long and not setable in FM.

In terminal mode - if I hold down the 'U' char  theb POR   - 'U' characters start to echo from from the P89v51R2 confirming entry in to bootloader mode and TxD working.

Are there any other options I should set to reduce the delay between RST to 'U' transmision?  OR does FM need and update?

Joe   :D
LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / ICP Improvements
December 27, 2006, 07:44:11 AM
There are 2 application notes from NXP(Philips) which describes using the MCB900 with a simple transistor circuit and prog90x.hex bridge code. AN10258_1.pdf and AN10258_2.pdf.   AN10258_2.pdf seems to be the final and the MCB900 uses a NPN transistor to switch Vdd on the target being programmed.....

The NPN does not make a good Vdd switch...... and  the prog90x.hex code programs the Vdd switch (p2.3) as  quasi-bidirectional (weak hi-side drive)..... and  Vbe drop of ~0.6v

A classic load switch   NPN-PNP circuit overcomes the problems of weak drive from p2.3 and has less voltage drop across the switch.

See the Vdd switch circuit  attached.... note the resistor values may need to be adjusted to suit the transistors used.

Perhpas NXP (Philips) or some one else on this forum may consider a complete ICP application with improvements gained over the last year...  We know ICP is an issue for many first time users (just look how many forum members post questions on ICP).


LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / LPC900 NoTouch ISP
March 18, 2006, 07:47:11 AM
Hi All,

In reference to NoTouch programming method... which seems to be 20 pin'ers and above.

Where is the ISP call address  0xff00 documented and the registers that must be set up before hand?

I couldn't see it in any Philips doc's on the web.

Is 0xff00 ISP call address defined for all LPC900's that can do ISP?
(I think some are different).

Is there any Philips doc on this info?... since NoTouch is a good feature?

I suspect  LPC900 variants may have different ISP call address and setup registers....  any pointers would help.

Thanks in advance

LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / LPC900 ISP and ICP features
February 03, 2006, 10:32:09 PM
Hi All,

Does ICP have supperior features?

Obviously if you use ISP you need a stable clock source. If you program the flash for external xtals or external clock source.... and you forget  or don't have an external source then you can not program the LPC900.
(becuase you need the baud rate gen for the UART... which is dependant on the osc source)

Where as the ICP is self clocking (mode 0 of the UART)

If you have LPC900 flash programmed for a external xtals or external source....  but have not external xtal or source....  Can you still program the LPC900 with ICP?

Does ICP switch back to internal RC OSC?

I would be intertested to hear your thoughts

Thanks in advance

Joe G
LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / ICP H/W and ICP Bridge Code
December 20, 2005, 04:46:10 AM
Hi All,

From the wonderful flashmagic site  I have learnt there is version 1.6 of the ICP bridge code.

Was the bridge code written by Philips or Flashmagic as it only seems to exsist on your web site?

In the latest Philips App's note AN10258 on the ICP subject uses a NPN transistor to switch vdd. Personally  - I would use a volt reg with an on/off control.

Is there any  recent documentation on the updated 1.6 and improved ICP Bridge code?