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I already read about this problem in other posts in this forum, but I don't have found the solution.
I can't erase the whole Flash or the block used by the hex file using the P89V51RC2FN with FM.

Does anybody solved the issue?

I know, I can erase the whole MCU by [ISP] > [Erase Page...] > [Erase All], but anybody knows why doesn't the blocks erase work?

May be, is it an ISP command bug?



P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Problem programming 89V51RC2.
« on: May 18, 2007, 02:39:55 am »
Hi there,
I used Flash Magic with success with my own circuitry based on the 89C51RC2 having no problems.
Now I tried to use it with the 89v51RC from MXP, and I'm not able to communicate with it.
Whether I place one 89C51RC2 on the same board it works right, so I suppose the board is working fine.
I looked to the RXD, TXD and RST signal during the Flash Magic communication initialization procedure, and I can see a very well shaped 200ms reset signal, followed after 300ms by the "U" character on the RXD, but no response on the TXD line.
Therefore, I programmed the device using the parallel programmer with my user code, and looking to some signals quickly asserted after reset, I established that the MPU enters the user code just 160ms after the RST line is released.
Does anybody have suggestions about this?

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