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LPC2xxx / Error: Failed to Autobaud - Step1
« on: August 25, 2011, 10:00:08 pm »
We use ARM7 MCU of LPC2368 series for the application.
While programming the ARM7 MCU using Flash Magic Tool version 5.89.2405, we get the error as "Operation Failed.(failed to autobaud - Step1)".

We use 11.0592MHz oscillator to drive the Controller.
While programming it does not shows the Com port to which the device has been connected when checked through the device manger of the control panel.
While using Keil MicroVision3 IDE for downloading the program to controller, it works fine.
But, for Flash Magic Tool, it shows autobaud error.
We use JTAG interface for programming.
We checked all other hardware connections, it was found to be correct.

Please suggest the suitable solution for this autobaud error problem.
And also suggest the baudrate and Com port at which the controller is to be programmed using Flash Magic Tool

Saikiran R.
Embedded Software Engineer
LCS Controls Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India

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