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I am trying to flash LPC1788 using flash magic. Following is what happened.

1. Initially i set the baud rate to 115200. I was getting Autobaud step 1 error.
2. Then I reduced the baud to 9600 and then at least the erase memory happened. However it started giving error "Failed to send data..."
3. After a lot of going through different settings, finally using 38400 and 120 clk, it successfully wrote the memory.
4. However after that no repeat writing is going good and its continuously raising Autobaud step 1 error  even for the 38400 baud which got successful before.

Fortunately i was trying all that with debug mode. Please find attached the debug files. However the debug file has become 534 KB which has the successful trial as well. I am attaching the latest unsuccessful trial one.

I can email that previous debug file with one successful flashing upon request.

Look forward to your help.


Alok Damle.