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ARM Cortex / ISP with an LPC1812 not working
« on: May 15, 2014, 01:39:05 pm »
I have received some new boards with an LPC1812 on them.  This is a custom board.  I have verified, using a terminal, that I can communicate with the ISP on the LPC1812.

Using FlashMagic, I can read the device ID and the CRP but that is the ONLY thing I can do that doesn't return an error.  When I read CRP on a brand new part (never programmed) it returns CRP Level 1 (I think it should be Level 0). 

I used a terminal to attempt to erase all flash.  This SEEMED to succeed, but when I tried reading CRP, it still showed CRP Level 1. 

Also of note, according to the NXP data sheet, the LPC1812 has only BANK A flash (15 sectors).  According to the ISP info in the LPC1812 data sheet, '0' should be used for BANK A in the 'P' and 'E' commands.  However, this returns a '7' (invalid sector).  If I use '1' I get the expected '0' return from the P and E commands.

Has anyone actually been able to successfully use FlashMagic to erase and/or program an LPC1812?  Is there a configuration file somewhere that I can try manually modifying?

I have attached a debug file from an attempt at using FlashMagic to erase the whole device.

Here is the erase sequence I executed from the terminal (the arrows are for information only):

--> ?
<-- Synchronized
--> Synchronized
<-- OK
--> 12000
<-- OK
--> U 23130
<-- 0
--> P 0 14 1
<-- 0
--> E 0 14 1
<-- 0

Thank you

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