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ARM Cortex / not programming under windows 10
« on: January 19, 2017, 01:35:52 am »
using Flash Magic 10.01 under Windows 10 64BIT version delivers : Operation failed. (Programming - failed to send data to the device). Connection to Board, erase of device possible without any Problems. Programming starts but delivers upper message. Tried with internal RS232 (PCI express card) and via USB to RS232 converter with same result. Under Windows XP it's working with internal RS232 and with same USB to Rs232 converter.
PC is: DELL Optiplex 3020, RS232 card is:  SIONIC  OXPCIe95x (CH38), USB to RS232 converter is:  Profilec USB to serial.  Windows is: WIN 10 pro 64bit with latest updates.
I also tried other UB to Rs232 converter and other flash magic versions, always with same result: Windows XP working, windows 10: connection and erase possible programming not ( always same error message).
I checked the discussion forum. Find similar problems. Problems was always solved with newer flash magic version. Used newest one.
Test using a second PC with windows 10 deliver ssame result (Programming - failed to send data to the device)

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