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Off-Topic (Read Only) / I2C Monitor
December 03, 2009, 07:36:18 AM
Does anyone have any thoughts on how to create and I2C monitor using an NXP 924/5/936 variant?  I want to create something that can just sit on the line transparently and record data to a GUI (which is already built and running).  The device would obviously be a slave, but the real problem is having it just read the bus and record the data and address being sent.  I figured using the I2C interrupt slave code would work here, but that requires a specific address.  Since the code architect code is interrupt driven, I figured this would be the smartest way to get the data stream instead of polling the lines and possibly missing data. 

I have a PIC MPU 18F4550 that is acting as a USB to I2C read/write interface to the GUI, and it can not seem to handle the USB stack and monitor the bus at the same time.   So I figured a slave I2C device that is dedicated to just listening and recording the data to a FIFO (thinking I2C EEPROM or RAM as a buffer in the NXP device) to transfer to the PIC to the GUI.

I know an fpga or cpld can do this probably faster and more efficient but I'd like to stay with an NXP device and dont' want to have to deal with a BGA device.  Google doesn't really have anything useful since the biggest hurdle is how to get the slave to record the devices address and data without having to be directly spoken too.  Any thoughts or direction? 
is it possible?  I have four chips that are bricked in ISP.  I can communicate with it via ICP with ISP protect active.  I believe the bootloader is damaged, where do I get the hex file to restore it?  The resource page only has asm file and needs to be compiled into a working project.  I'm just looking to restore the device to factory defaults and condition.  Is this possible via ICP?

Last post on this topic was 2006, so any new info on how to fix a dead ISP chip?

I now have it setup as an ISP to ICP bridge with code version 1.7 from flashmagic.

I can read everything from flashmagic like the ICP target device sig, security bits, I can do everything.....except it won't program the hex file in. I'm using the same lpc936 so size isn't the issue, and the bridge is obviously working. If I pull the ICP device, I get all FF for device sig, put it back in, I get normal readback of data and configuration info.

I don't understand why it won't program. The app note says ensure dtr and rts is checked and to protect ISP. All of that's done.

Any ideas what I could be missing here? Its 99.4% ready, just the pesky problem of doing what its designed for.....<laughing to myself>

General / An faq on ICP ISP bridge?
July 08, 2008, 02:06:50 PM
Is there one?  I see people talking about it.  How do i use it?  I currently use ISP and need to move to ICP for a project, can someone give me an FAQ I can read or give me a clue on how to use/implement it?