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LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / Programming ERROR with EPM900
« on: March 14, 2006, 09:29:53 am »
Hi, I am trying to program the LPC936 with the EPM900 via ICP. The Micro is in the application already soldered. It was working fine as far as programming, but I have changed PCs and now I am getting an error message when I try to download the program. This is what I get:

*** LPC900 EPM Loader V1.01
*** LPC900 EPM Programmer V1.20
Flash Erase Done: 3 sectors erased.
***ERROR: Flash Write Failed at Sector 3.  

What could be happening here? I cannot go back to my previous PC where it was working fine.  
Pins that I am using on the chip are P0.4, P0.5, VSS, VDD, P1.5.



Off-Topic (Read Only) / LPC936 SPI
« on: January 04, 2006, 11:49:54 am »
I need help using the SPI of LPC936. I used code architect and set the respective ports for I/O respectively. When I execute the code I do not see any response on the SPI pins. I am using scope to check this. Here is my set up.

SPCTL = 0xD7;// configure SPI
ESPI = 1;    // enable SPI interrupt

// send a byte
  Chip_S = 1; // slave select  
  SPDAT = 0x09;          // Send byte command
  SPDAT = 0x80;        // send address byte
  Chip_S = 0;   // end trans to slave

if I execute the code above, shouldn't I be seeing something in the SPI pins through the scope? I am using the internal clock at 7.37MHz.
Are there any problems with LPC9xx chips SPI?
All this testing is done with the EPM900.

Old Topics / P89LPC932 Timer/Counter
« on: August 06, 2003, 07:57:22 am »
Hi there, I need help using the P89LPC932 as a counter. if I need to use the counter, which will increase in reponse to a 1-0 transition from the external input pin. Where is this incremented value located? The user manual says in the "register". Does anyone know which register is this? I need to keep track of the incremented number. Please help me.
Thank you

Old Topics / Modifying the hello program
« on: May 30, 2003, 08:57:44 am »
I need to modify the hello program like this. Instead of displaying "hello world" the whole time. I need to display a number contained in a variable. This number will be deducted by one every 5 seconds. The resulting number will be the new value on the variable and will be displayed on the screen.
I have made some changes on the hello program because it has the idea I want to convey, but I am not that skillful yet.
Can you help me?
thanks in advance

Here is the midification I have done...but it does not work.

HELLO.C - adapted for the P89LPC932 and the Keil MCB900 Microcontroller Board

Copyright 1995-2002 Keil Software, Inc.

#include               /* special function register declarations   */
                                       /* for the Philips P89C932 device           */

#include                /* prototype declarations for I/O functions */

/* The delay C function is a for loop that
needs about 6 seconds execution time */
static void delay (void)  {
unsigned long i;

  for (i = 0; i < 444444; i++)  {     /* waste timea and */
    ;                                             /* do notthing */
  }                           }                           
The main C function.  Program execution starts
here after stack initialization.

void main() {
unsigned int W;                  /* variable

//  P2M1 = 0;
//  P1M1 = 0;

//  SCON   = 0x52;                    /* initialize UART */
//  BRGR0  = 0xF0;                    /* 9600 baud, 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit */
//  BRGR1  = 0x02;
//  BRGCON = 0x03;

//  P2 = 0x55;
Note that an embedded program never exits (because
there is no operating system to return to).  It
must loop and execute forever.
      while (1)
//    P2 ^= 0xFF;               /* Toggle port 2 pins each time we print */
 W = 120;         /* value to be deducted and displayed
         W = W-1;          
printf ("\n This is the present amount: %d, *W");  /*is this right?
    delay ();                    /* Delay about 6 seconds               */

Old Topics / Books for programming
« on: May 16, 2003, 07:23:44 am »
Does anyone know a good book for programming the P89LCP932 chip?
Thank you

Old Topics / Creating the Hex file
« on: May 15, 2003, 01:01:08 pm »
Hi there, if I have already built my program using microvision software.  Assuming it has been debugged and it works fine. How do I create or get the hex file prior to be downloaded to the chip through FlashMagic? Is microvision taking care of I am using the P89LPC932 chip.

Old Topics / Using uvision and MCB900
« on: May 15, 2003, 10:14:13 am »
Hi there, I am starting to use the MCB900 together with the uvision software and flashmagic as well. I am having a problem loading or making the example program "Hello" to work. I have done all the steps as described in the manuals. I have gotten to the point where it compiles fine, but I do not see any ouput on the serial window. My chip is labeled "ISP K1.0" so I am using the software that came on the disk only.
I do not know if I am setting the jumpers on the board ok, or do I need to use FlashMagic at this point? I have no idea. The way I have set up the jumpers is like this: Run: ON (jumper is on it), Reset: ON (jumper is on it), and PROG: OFF (jumper is off it). is this right?
I do not know if this is the right procedure...first time user.
I press the debugger button, but all I get is a erroneous message saying
"Evaluation Version Running in EVAL MODE (4K)
...Could you help me?

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