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hello  every one...
I am using a 8051 programming board.Which has a rs232 b/w the controller and the db9 connector.
I had used 89v51rd2bn earlier on this board. with flash magic and programmed it through a serial port.

now I have upgraded my pc.but dont have a serial port ,so have bought a serial2 usb conector.
and I  want to flash 89v51rd2fn(could not find 89v51rd2bn in the market) with the same board.
as i am using a usb2serial converter it gets connected to COM3 port (as shown in device manager).
following are the flash magic setting i have used:
Baud Rate 9600
device :89v51rd2
interface :nonce(isp)
unckeched DTR &RTS while com port is open
checked erase bolcks used by hex file.
I am attaching the debug file
please check.
while debugging i have read the device signature:
error msg with com1 selected:unable to connect to device,try reducing the baud rate.
error msg with com3 selected:unable to connect,(configure )ensure no  other application is using com port ,try raising or lowering the baud rate.

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