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P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / How to Disable SoftICE mode
April 21, 2010, 11:06:04 PM
I have tested My target to enter SoftICE mode.
My target entered to SoftICE mode successfully.
But I couldn't find out how to disable SoftICE mode using Flash magic.

The Datesheet says in Table 12,Record Type 07
07 Reset serial number, erase user code, clear SoftICE mode
xxxxxx = required field but value is a 'don't care'
07 = reset serial number function
cc = checksum

ISP -> Serial Number -> Reset Serial Number seems to this function.
But there in no Keyword "SoftICE" in this dialog box.
Off-Topic (Read Only) / post system errors
October 18, 2009, 10:23:03 PM
hi Andy

I tested post system.

A logout error
logout error occurs only on the Sleipnir browser.
error procedure is following.
1. from Sleipnir 2.85 go
2. Logon
3. Logout
4. message displays
Session verification failed. Please try logging out and back in again, and then try again.

B delete error
1. from IE 6
2.Login a test post on the "off-toppic"
4.attempt to Remove
5. Message displays
An Error Has Occurred!
You cannot delete your own topics in this board.  .


Off-Topic (Read Only) / Session verification failed
October 15, 2009, 10:45:47 PM
I attempted to delete some topic.
and system alarted as following.

Session verification failed. Please try logging out and back in again, and then try again.

I tried to logging out but same message was displayed.


In Display Memory menu,
Flash Magic sends like following to target.

In this way it takes so many time because of short record length(16bytes)
My proposition is that Flash Magic just sends
(record length is 0x10000 bytes)
to target.

from my experiment,( in 9600 bps)
present way: 4:45
proposal way: 2:50


P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Flash Eraser
October 13, 2009, 08:51:59 PM

I made a utility "Flash Eraser"

I hope this help you.


Flash Eraser written by Mucter

How to Use Flash Eraser

1.What is Flash Eraser
In Normal Flash Magic and normal bootloader, if Security bit or Clock bit is once programmed
it cannot be erased using ISP.A parallel programmer is required.

Using Flash Eraser you can erase Security bit and Clock bit without parallel programmer.

1) Target board should has jumper SW setting /EA pin (GND or VCC)
2) Target board should has an External ROM socket.

1) Using a parallel programmer , program an external ROM with corresponding HEX file
    (you should do once only)
2) Attach the external ROM to your target board.
3) Change /EA setting from VCC to GND.
4) Power ON the target board.
5) from terminal software, send "U" charactor.
    (Flash Eraser responses "U*")

6) Power OFF the target board.
7) Change /EA setting from GND to VCC.

Now Your target is in following state.
  block0 : erased.
  block1 : bootloader is installed.
  security bit : unprogramed.
  clock bit    : unprogramed.

Then you can program anything again.
P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / about SoftICE
October 08, 2009, 07:40:30 PM
I am researching for SoftICE.
I found same word SoftICE that SST developed and works with Keil debugger.
Its Hex data is downloadable from SST website.

It and NXP shiped MCU's SoftICE located at 0x10800-0x11F00 look like very well.
For Example,
SST: 0xE556 : 56 33 2E 34 (=> V3.4)

Shiped NXP MCU: 0x10D56 : 56 33 2E 34 (=> V3.4)
               : 0x0D56  : 56 33 2E 34 (=> V3.4) 
(linked from forum. I can't come to this address normaly in NXP web site,then I cannot judge if
this is the latest .At least Bootloader in this is for 89V51RD2 and old.)

I guess these origins might be identical.

Through my destributer, NXP answered that they don't support SoftICE, ask Keil.

I have 3 questions.
Though it might be different from the aim of this forum,
if someone knows, let me know.

(1) Where Can I get latest SoftICE for P89LV51Rx2.
(2) Who developed the SoftICE for P89LV51Rx2?
(3) If (2)'s answer is SST, Why NXP doesn't mention about SST through they ship SoftICE into MCU.
Hi Andy.

I found another bug.

1) From Isp Menu select Display Memory command.
2) Enter something in textbox(default: 0x0000 - 0xFFFF) at the bottom
3) Flash Magic crashes.

I made Custom Bootloader,then It stands considerably.

Then I will post that.
I hope It may help you.


Hello everyone.
I monitered the communication between Flash Magic and my Target board's P89V51RC2FN while I did Read Security bit Command.
before this, I checked "Set Security Bit 1" , "Prog Clocks Bit" option and click Start Button.

Flash Magic sended: :020000050700F2
Target replied: :020000050700F219.[CR][LF]

but in its Datasheet [6.3.4 Using the ISP] [Table 12. ISP hex record formats] [Record type 05]
05 Miscellaneous Read Functions
02 = number of bytes in the record
xxxx = required field but value is a 'don't care'
05 = function code for misc read
ffss = subfunction and selection code
0000 = read manufacturer id
0001 = read device id 1
0002 = read bootcode version
0700 = read security bit (00 SoftICE serial number match 0 SB 0 Double Clock)
cc = checksum
:020000050000F9 (display manufacturer id)
Datesheet's SB 's position is bit2. but the monitering data indicates SB 's position is bit3.

Target programed by parallel Programmer with SB on replys : :020000050700F215.[CR][LF]
It met with datasheet,but Flashmagic says Security bit unset!

a P89V51RC2FN programmed by Flash Magic SB on were data readable by parallel programmer!
What a Security Flash Magic is.