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Feature Requests / Fix of terminal window
« on: August 31, 2009, 06:58:54 am »
I find the terminal window a very useful tool for debuggning - but: after a while it tends to go slower and slower and in the end hangs the process.
Can you please fix the history so that you save , lets say 5000 lines or a fixed number of char's and just dump the older. That will probably cure the process. Sometimes I have to reboot my computer because of this.
And Yes: I'm to lazy to start a better terminal program in another window so I continue to complain about this one  ;)

Best regards and thank you for a good software.

//Henrik S

LPC2xxx / LPC2136: "failed to autobaud - step 1"
« on: September 30, 2008, 04:35:16 am »
Any suggestions why??

I just downloaded FM version 4.31.1368

I can connect to my board and do all programming I need using Philips flash utility v 2.2.1 without problems so the cable and board are OK. I have both programs on the same PC and closes the philips program before starting FM

I have set
com port COM1
Baud rate : tried both slow and fast (high speed communication in advanced options is disabled)
Device LPC2136
Interface None
oscillator 14.746

RST and P0.14 are connected to the serial interface

When I try the command "Read device signature" my board goes into reset and then it restarts.
And I get the error message in the subject above.

At last a small Grrrr... to the documentation team at FM. The manual is 111 pages and still no explanation to the error messages.


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