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Some has sent me  the programming spec's


My understanding is...  ISP uses the bootloader.....  and ICP  is the same as what a parallel programmer does.....

IE.... ICP is programming down at the lowest level....

If you look carefully  the UART MODE 0  - is very close to what ICP uses as the physical layer to transfer the ICP commands..

HI All,

Does some have the latest LPC900  ICP Programming Specifications they can send me... My copy is May 2005.  Has there been an update since?


joe DOT g  AT optusnet  DOT com  DOT au

Thanks in advance


P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Re: P89V51RD2FA
August 12, 2008, 05:04:42 AM
since you are not using Flash magic --- it's best to contact the programmer manufacturer...

You don't seem to have a problem with the programmer for the 89v51  but the implementation to convert from P89c51 to P89v51.

My understanding is this forum is for the programming of the device not the implementation of different cores..

Your questions may be better answered from the Message Board of    IE
There  has been plenty of discussion there..



Which  micro are you using?

Which ICP schematic are you using? Have you checked the waveforms of the signals required to carry out ICP?

Do you think it is a hardware or software problem?  How have you come to this confusion?

ISP hardware entry method uses 50uS  pulses and these may be difficult to see on the digital oscilloscope , especially when there are  OTHER initial transients on Vdd, RST Tx and Rx  when the MCB900 circuit operates.

Why would you bother designing a USB to serial  ICP programmer... this has already been done  using the LPC214x and can program
all the LPC900's

It's low cost and can be available here

LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / Re: ICP problem LPC922 and MCB900
April 12, 2008, 07:40:00 PM
So you are trying to program a LPC922 using ICP method..

To program ICP method... after Vdd turn-on of LPC922,  immediately  7 reset pulses must be applied (50uS)

Hence P2.3 turns off Vdd_LPC922 and then turns on Vdd_LPC922 and RESET pulses are applied to the LPC922

The full ICP document is available on the LPC900 Yahoo group.

Try examining the P2.3 output of the MCB900 without the MCB900---ICP bridge hardware... with a few replacement LPC932/LPC935 micro's in case P2.3 is faulty.

(I managed to examine the ICP bridge code... and P2.3 seems to be quasi bi-directional)

1. MCB900 schematic
Yes, I have made the layout, nothing special just watch the lead lengths on the RESET line (because of the 50uS pulses)
(but naturally all lead lengths should be short as possible)

2. MCB900
Yes,  I agree  the MCB900  is very cheep... but cost of freight can be more than the MCB900 tool.  for a low cost of $60 USD...

It is a  MCB900  not MCP900.

FDI has a very cheep programming tool also!   A small investment in tools can save hours of heart ache.


There 3 methods of programming (+variants)
a) ISP programming via UART.... there are a few ways to get in to ISP.... but the hardware entry is 3pulse on the reset line immediately after POR (Power On Reset).... this is what MCB900 does quite cleverly.

Because it uses the UART a stable clock source is required - if you select an external clock source and no xtal or osc in connected the
the UART can not work and no ISP

b) ICP is real hardware level programming and the LPC900 micro is clocked by the external hardware.... you can recover from most situations to program the LPC900's/

However the hardware is a little more complicated  and 7pulses on RESET is required after POR.

The FDI tool does this/

c) Self Programming... or IAP   LPC900 code programs sections of the flash from code execution.

Complicated.... ask later.

LPC2xxx / Re: LPC2194 production programming problem
April 08, 2008, 07:28:23 AM
You Avent contact should have access to an Avent NXP engineer to assist,

Yes... if you  copy exactly as variation may introduce incorrect timing or voltages .....the RESET pin is pulsed in 50uS intervals.... any additional resistance or capacitance may throw the timing out.

Check your ISP waveforms against those in the flashmagic manual for the LPC900's.

All Vdd supply  lines need capacitor coupling..... however the "switched"  Vdd to the LPC900 micro will require quick rise times as per the data sheet for programming.

See here

Hence replacing the bootloader with Ver 7  you can use a port pin to select bootloader instead of  UART 'U' command.

==> Be aware you can get in to problems replacing bootloaders etc.


With reference to a "fresh"  / unprogrammed  P89v51 ;

a) You can not program via the SPI.

b) Only programming  via the UART and a profesional parallel programmer

You can write your own bootloader software .... but then it would not be a "fresh" / Unprogrammed part.