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Old Topics / Re: problems in erasing P89C51RD2BN
« on: March 04, 2004, 10:24:51 am »
Sometimes I have waited for much longer than 5minutes. Check your
hardware and power supply.

Old Topics / Re: FlashMagic 1.86 invalid page fault info
« on: March 04, 2004, 10:23:18 am »
baudrate - 115k
crystal  - 20meg
I enterered 20.0000
time to close was less than 15sec

P89C51Rx+/P89C51Rx2/P89C66x/P89C6xX2/P89V66x / Re: flash failure
« on: March 03, 2004, 09:24:54 am »
The reset solution is a good thing. I also noticed that if your microntroller
supply voltage is lower than spec you will see problems that FlashMagic
cannot identify.

Old Topics / Re: FlashMagic 1.86 invalid page fault info
« on: March 03, 2004, 09:20:53 am »
It  happened 2 to 3 times. If this sort of event happened while using
Linux, it would already be fixed. I vote for a Linux port. I might even

Old Topics / FlashMagic 1.86 invalid page fault info
« on: February 27, 2004, 10:08:21 am »
Using Windows 98 2nd Edition

The user displayed the memory block 0-2K from a P89C668 part.
Then clicked the "close" box.

invalid page fault  KERNEL32.DLL at 0167:bff9db61

EAX: c00301a8    CS: 167    KIP: bff9db61    EFLGS: 00010202
EBX: 01f4ff8c       SS: 16f     ESP: b1e4ff80   EBP:     01e5021c
ECX: 0                 DS: 16f     ESI: 8173bb88  FS: 0eaf
EDX: bff76855     ES: 16f     EDI: 01e502f4   GS: 0

bytes at CS:EIP

53 8b 15 e4 9c fc bf 56 89 4d e4 57 89 4d dc 89

Old Topics / Re: Erasing flash
« on: February 17, 2004, 01:39:09 pm »

Yes I know that FlashMagic doesn't do the work, only makes requests.
I did notice that the files you mentioned do one thing that I am not doing.
Disabling interrupts does the trick. Even though I have a timer tick interrupt
that just bumps a counter, I'm not sure why it must be disabled. But I am
not complaining. Thanks.

Old Topics / Erasing flash
« on: February 17, 2004, 08:59:28 am »
I have been unable to erase flash blocks using the IAP system
calll documented in the data sheet for the P89C668HBA part.
FlashMagic is able to do this (thank you esacademy). I am able
to program bytes with the IAP system call. So I was wondering
if other people encounted this.

Old Topics / Re: P89C51RD2HBP will not program
« on: August 27, 2003, 08:57:02 am »
I put my part into a breadboard with minimal connections. Only enough
wires and resistors for ISP. I then could program the part. I put this
part into my circuit board. And it ran, sort of. It looked like eratic resets
were occuring. I probed the circuit and found a floating ground connection.
FlashMagic is good. And thanks for your quick reply.

Old Topics / Re: P89C51RD2HBP will not program
« on: August 26, 2003, 06:04:08 pm »
I think flahmagic got confused or hung. I had to reset the device and kill
the app. I think the boot vector got corrupted.

Baud rate was 38400

I had the right part selected

Hang is greater than 5 minutes. Eventually a message appears "unable to
access com port"

SInce I have tried known working good hex files, I seriously doubt that
your suggestion about 2 records that attempt to write to address 0 is valid.

I have strapped P2.6 & P2.7 to 5 volts. 9600, and 19200 don't make any

I tried your debug procedure. I am unable to erase single flash blocks
when debug mode is on. I get a hang as if I was erasing the entire flash.

When debug mode is off I can erase single flash blocks, or at least it
appears that way from the app.

BTW, I am the engineer.

I have sent you the debug file

Old Topics / P89C51RD2HBP will not program
« on: August 26, 2003, 01:54:52 pm »
I have been using the P89C51RD2BN with FlashMagic for about 3 weeks.
I was using a 20Mhz crystal in 12 clock mode. I decided to change to a
24Mhz crystal. Within 1 day both of my devices stopped responding to
ISP mode. I think what happened is that FlashMagic and my device got
hung up and I had to kill the app, etc. There was no other way to. The
microcontroller will only execute the last program in flash. I think the
boot vector got corrupted.

So, I got a couple of P89C51RD2HBP devices to hold me over. I am able
to do everything with FlashMagic except program the flash. I get the message:

Error programming the Hex file. Address : 0x0000

Also, if I try to erase the flash block by block it looks like it works.
If I try to erase the entire flash at one time, FlashMagic says it is erasing
but the program just sits there.

My setup is the same and my hex file is the same.  I have a way to re-write
the boot vector and status byte for my original problem with the P89C51RD2BN but the distributor was out of stock.

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