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October 15, 2016, 10:55:00 PM
I was hoping you could help me. I am using the following:

Board: LPC 2148
Software: Flash Magic (latest version on the website)
USB to serial converter: From Nex Robotics (uses FT232RL).

Flash Magic returns a "failed to autobaud" error while copying the hex file to the board. It gives the same error even while reading the device signature.

This is the product I am using for USB to serial conversion. The development board and the converter are both from this vendor. I downloaded the driver from the link given on the page.

I have tried reinstalling the driver as well as changing the COM port number to a different unused one. Nothing seems to work. The COM port does appear in the device manager.

I tried using Realterm to see if I get a response by sending alphabets, but none appear on the screen. The TXD light does glow on the converter each time I type the alphabet.

A week ago, although I used to get the occasional autobaud error, I still managed to burn a few codes onto the board however now it seems to have stopped working completely. Now, I have no clue where the error lies.

Do respond at the earliest.

I have attached the Flash Magic Debug file.