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ARM Cortex / Firmware not loading after flashing
October 16, 2018, 09:41:32 AM

Sorry for this question, I´m new at LPC11xx family (used to AVR), but I am trying to flash a firmware that was compiled under LPCXpresso  V8.2.2 (source code provided by NXP), and the .HEX file also generated by LPCXpresso.

I was able to flash it using Flash Magic v.11.20, I´m using LPC1112/102 with the configurations in the screenshot.

But it seems like the firmware is not being executed after a hard reset, even with the the ISP pin high. Am I missing a config in Flash Magic?

The source code/project is this one:
I designed my own PCB following their design.

Thanks for you reply Andy.

I agree with that, I´ve seen some ideas to split the UART, using resistors, diodes, but this is really not recommended, right?

ARM Cortex / LPC1112 Bootloader - shared serial port
April 03, 2018, 12:29:28 PM

Is it still possible to program the LPC1112 via serial port (using the bootloader) even if the serial port is being used by a different IC (serial-USB converter for instance) ? Or is it necessary to add resistors to one of the branches ?