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Hello guys,

I've found your website a resource of outstanding information that solved lots of my problems. Thanks so much for this awesome website!

So now I've got a problem about my first microcontroller circuit.
I have got a P89C51RD2BA already programmed, so I've built a circuit to run it into ISP mode and use FlashMagicTool to recode - edit - erase it.

After checking some docs on your website, I realized that the microcontroller needs to be forced into ISP mode by setting /PSEN low during the Reset. I was just wondering i you guys have got a circuit or a scheme to automatize this process.
I saw that the FlashMagicTool Manual has a good example about how to automatize this, but it looks like I would need 2 MAX232 as there are 3 RS232 outputs and just 1 TTL input. I am talking about the example circuit, so I was wondering if there's a way to Reset and setting /PSEN low during the reset using a single MAX232, resetting the device using the serial and all the functions supported by FlashMagicTool.
Also, I was wondering if there's any way that the device might be read-write protected even against the hardware ISP running mode.
Any help would be very appreciated guys!


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