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PAB90x schematic

Started by Mr. Kiran V. Sutar, October 25, 2004, 01:49:46 AM

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Mr. Kiran V. Sutar

HI forum members,
   I wanted to try out the PLC902 chips, just to evaluate this series of chips.

   I have downloaded the "me900.chm" and as per the circuit schematic for MCB900, I built it, and I was able to sucessfully download the "prog90x.hex" into the LPC932.

   I referred the PDF file:
"AN10258.pdf: How to use the LPC900 In-circuit programming (ICP)"

and I made additions to the (my own built) MCB900 to program the LPC902. But in Flashmagic for LPC902, the command: "ISP->Read Device Signature" gives me "FF, FF and FF".
   I don't  know how to move further.

   Please give the links to the latest workable schematics for the MCB900 and the PAB90x.

   Or any other method for programming the LPC90x family of chips.

Bye and thanks,
with best regards from,
Mr. Kiran V. Sutar.