Generating a Debug File (Updated)

Started by Andy Ayre, January 24, 2007, 09:46:47 AM

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Andy Ayre

Generating a debug file allows us at ESAcademy to see what is going on between Flash Magic and a device. The instructions for generating a debug file are given below. However, before generating the file first try to diagnose the problem by completing some basic steps. The steps are given here:

To generate a debug file:

1. Start Flash Magic
2. Click on the entry in the COM port field to give the Flash Magic window the focus
3. Press F1 to enter debug mode ("Debug" will appear at the top of the window)
4. Perform the specific operation or operations that you are having a problem with. For example, ISP -> Read Device Signature...
5. Wait for any error message and make a note of it.
6. Press F2 to exit debug mode

Versions 6.76 and later

The debug file is located in the "My Documents" folder and will have the name "flashmagic-date-time.fmd" where date and time are when the file was created.

Versions 6.75 and earlier

Start Flash Magic with Administrator permissions.
The debug file is located at C:\flashmagic.fmd.
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