Integrating KeiluVision2 and Flashmagic 2

Started by Nalin Pithwa, August 22, 2004, 05:09:14 AM

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Nalin Pithwa


I am using Flashmagic and KeiluVision2 to program my Philips based 8051 microcontroller. I want to integrate KeiluVision2 and Flashmagic. I went thru the Flashmagic manual; on page 84 it says: -

In the arguments box enter all the directives you wish to use. For the HEXFILE directive use '#H' in place of the Hex File path. For example, you may enter:


i) I was guessing that the second device parameter is crystal frequency. Am I right ?

ii) What are the parameters of the HEXFILE ?

iii) I guess parameter #1 of COM port is COM port no. Is it so ?

iv) And, parameter #2 of COM is baud rate. Is it so ?

Nalin Pithwa

Andy Ayre

All the command line directives are fully described in the Flash Magic manual. You can find the manual on the Start menu in the Flash Magic folder, or on the Help menu in Flash Magic. All the directives are listed in the manual contents.

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