89c669 uart interrupt problem

Started by roland, October 20, 2004, 06:13:29 AM

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i'm just writing program for 669. use uart0/1 for receiving serial signals.
receiving calls interrupt routine. all is working well and stable as long as
serial signal is stable. when the signal gets noisy, interrupt procedure is either called permanently with bitrate or doesn't work longer. even when the serial signal is in stop condition, this state stays as is. it's not possible to go back to stable state even when all registers are initilized.
but main program as well as timer interrupt works well.
the only possibility is to make a reset.
this effect is initiated by uart0 as well as uart1. it pays no role which buadrategenerator is used or which uart mode is used (either mode0 of coarse).
has anybody an idea what there happens? please help. i must deliver!
many thanks to you, roland


1) wrong forum
2) post at the philips forum and indicate which rs-232 transciever you use as well as the ISR code.




Just remembered the 669 is a '51 derivative, www.8052.com is a better place to post the problem