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Started by Jean Fernandes, July 15, 2004, 10:34:47 PM

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Jean Fernandes


I try to use the FM with USB Serial Cable. It's works but much slow.
When I use on a standard serial port it's run fast.

My USB Serial Driver Its Ok because I use it on other applications and run fast the communication.

What can I do to improve the speed ?



Andy Ayre

There is nothing that Flash Magic does differently to any other application that uses the COM port.

What is the fastest baudrate you are using that works fine? What device and crystal frequency are you using?

Does the highest baudrate increase when you use Flash Magic on the real COM port with the same device and hardware? if so what is it?

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Jean Fernandes


MCU : P89C51RC2, 22.118400 Mhz, FM 19200 bps,
Assign DTR and RTS while Com Port Open (T1 = 150 ms, T2 = 300 ms)
But I can transfer the HEX file using 57600 bps if I want.

When I use a standard serial port (like onboard one) FM its ok.

But When I use a USB-Serial Cable, It's slow very very slow.
I am using XP.

For example, when I use a DockLight Software (Serial Port Monitor) I achieve 115000 bps on loopback mode to cable testing.

I download the 2.01 version but the problem didnt disapear.

Andy Ayre

Perform the following steps:

Start Flash Magic
Press F1 so [Debug] appears at the top.
Attempt to program the device
Close Flash Magic
Email me the generated debug file C:\flashmagic.fmd
Delete C:\flashmagic.fmd

My email address is below and in the Help -> About window in Flash Magic.

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which serial cable did you use. I am trying to use fm from my toshiba notebook which doesnot has hardware serial port but 2 usb2.0 ports & xp pro as OS without any success. Any guide?

Andy Ayre

Embedded Systems Academy, Inc.
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Usually, When you use a USB-Serial Cable.
Baud Rate can't speed up too high.
So , You can try 9600bps, change T1 & T2 for adaptively, High speed communications.