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.IHX files


Idea for a new version? I use a compile that uses that extension instead of the .HEX extension that FM likes.

Andy Ayre:
Most linkers allow the name of the output file to be specified. .hex is the "standard" for Intel hex files, and nearly every tool expects .hex. Perhaps check in your linker manual to see if the filename can be specified.

have you heard of "rename"


now why didn't i think of that...
But serious.. I know FM will accept .IHX or .EXE files, if you select "all files", but that is, just like rename, an extra step.
And since this combination of tools might be used by students who are seeing a compiler for the first time, I'd like it to go as smooth as possible.

Andy Ayre:
If the build is on the command line, the renaming can be built into a batch file.
If the build is in an IDE, most modern IDEs allow you to configure once as part of a project the option to rename the output file.
In both cases the operation is transparent to the end user.


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