where can I get the ISP routine of LPC932 ?

Started by wllin027, May 09, 2006, 07:26:54 PM

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The factory default boot loader in MCU seemed to be destroyed when programmed by parallel programmer. Can I get original ISP code to write into the same address that restores the ISP download function?
I  use Keil EPM900 as a parallel programmer. When downloading code the "Protest ISP Code" function was checked. But  "most" LPC932 MCUs programmed by this way can't re-connect with ISP downloader (MCB900). Notice that I said "most" 932. The problem didn't happen to all 932.  A few 932 can still be downloaded by ISP after programmed by EPM900. I was so confused with this....

Andy Ayre

You can download the LPC9xx bootloaders from a link on the Flash Magic web page. See the third party section towards the bottom.

Flash Magic provides the protect ISP option. A parallel programmer should not.

If you are running into problems using Flash Magic and devices failing to work after being programmed with the protect ISP option turned on, then we can investigate that further. However if you are programming with a parallel programmer then you can do anything, including erase the bootloader.

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