How can I thank for Flash Magic

Started by Aravindh Krishnamoorthy, May 14, 2003, 09:57:35 PM

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Aravindh Krishnamoorthy

Dear Ayre,
        I have used Flashmagic for quite some time now, and was able to program LPC932 atleast 25 times (as yet.)
       This has been possible only due to continual effort of you guys.

       Please let me know how we can help the growth of Flash Magic, apart from advertising to others about it. I am quite competent in Win32 / Linux programming AWA electronics and could be of some help.

      Please let me know if such an opportunity to serve you exists.

With Love,
Aravindh Krishnamoorthy

Andy Ayre

Thank you for the positive feedback! We strive to make Flash Magic the best programming tool we can, and it is always nice to receive messages like this. Thanks again.

Embedded Systems Academy, Inc.
support at esacademy dot com