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Started by ccliu, June 28, 2005, 07:55:31 AM

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   For some application, we need the number of COM port will large then 4.

   But, the program of flash magic only can set the number of COM port

   lass than 4. We suggest modify the flash magic program can set the

   number of com port .


Jan Waclawek

I spare a couple of keystrokes for Andrew:

"Although COM Ports 1 to 4 are listed in the drop-down list in Flash Magic, it is possible to use any COM Port available on a PC with Flash Magic. To do this simply click on the drop-down list and edit the text to show the following:
Where n is the number of the COM Port."


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Andy Ayre

This question has come up several times in the last couple of weeks or so. To counter that the last two releases of Flash Magic have COM 1 to COM 32 listed in the drop down list. You can still enter any COM port number you want however.

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