6CLK.cycle and security bit programming

Started by VB, June 29, 2005, 03:02:16 AM

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Dear all,

I'm using Flash Magic V2.2 to program the Philips P89V51RD2 MCU with both 6CLK/Cycle and Security bit 1 set.

The current situation is, we got to program the MCU twice (first time with 6CLK/cycle only and second round with security bit 1 only).

Is there a way that we can program the MCU in single round instead of programming it 2 rounds?

Many thanks

Andy Ayre

Is it not possible to check the security bits you want to program and check the 6 clks/cycle box and then click on Start to do it all in one go?

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Hi Andrew,

As what have we experienced, it's not possible. We'll receive message indicating that programming of 6CLK/CYCLE failed.


Andy Ayre

First make sure your device is using the latest bootloader available from Philips. You can download an update installer for your device from here (under Support and Tools):


Also download and install the latest version of Flash Magic.

If that doesn't help then check if the device is already using 6 clocks/cycle by choosing Read Clocks from the ISP menu.

If the problem is still not solved then:

Start Flash Magic
Press F1 to enter debug mode ([Debug] appears at the top)
Click on Start
Wait for the error
Close Flash Magic
Email me the debug file C:\flashmagic.fmd
Delete debug file.

My email address is at the bottom of this post.

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