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Started by Aravindh Krishnamoorthy, June 09, 2003, 04:50:36 AM

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Jeffrey Chang

I used Internal RC 7.373MHz as system clock speed.
Do I need to adjust any jumpers for executing user code
after ISP programming ?

Please give me some hints.

Andy Ayre


Your code looks like it is derived from code generated by Code Architect. I've tested it with the Break Detect and I haven't noticed any problems.

Are you setting EA = 1? I'm not sure it is a requirement, but I would try it. Also, check that you actually are calling uart_init, and that your code isn't crashing or getting stuck somewhere before reaching uart_init.

After programming a hex file, Flash Magic sets the Status Bit to zero to ensure that on the next reset your code is executed. While your code is executing, pulling the RxD line down for twenty bit periods or more is a break condition, and should place the device in ISP mode again.

When you send the break condition from Flash Magic, check using a scope that the RxD pin is being pulled low and does not have any glitches on it.

To execute you simply need to remove and reapply power to the board. If you changed the Status Bit manually back to 1 before doing this then your code won't execute and the device will enter ISP mode again, so you must leave the Status Bit at zero.

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Dear Sir
       I have a same problem so so. But I get it programed directly by SuperPro III and select device no. P89LPC931 with adaptor (change packet from PCC to DIP)  
        I can program it , But I can not used Flashmagic. I download many version of Flashmagic. It's so bad, cannot communication.
        If any body wanted Startup file or Boot Rom to connect chip P89LPC932 with port com1, 9600Buad, 8 bitdata, None priority, used internal BAUD RATE GENERATOR, Can you call me by

Andy Ayre

If you want us to try to solve the problems with Flash Magic we will need more information as anything could be the cause. There is an application note on the Flash Magic web page titled "what to do when ISP does not work". Work your way through the debugging steps in there and report back what you tried and what the results were.

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