FM and P89V51RD2: another reason for the ever-lasting

Started by Jan Waclawek, February 28, 2006, 09:14:27 AM

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Jan Waclawek

Playing with a P89V51RD2-based gadget and FlashMagic I realized an another reason for the "Unable to connect at the specified baud rate...." message: there was an application running, which echoed back the characters, but worked at a different baudrate (19200) than I set FlashMagic (38400). So I had a perfectly working connection and everything, but FM appeared to fail.

Maybe it is trivial, but maybe it would help to somebody.

Jan Waclawek

PS. Just for the record: IMHO the proper operation sequence is: switch the device OFF, press "Start" in FM, window "Reset device now" appears, switch the device ON. Alternatively, the device can be held in RESET all the time, if a RESET button is available.

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