Some problems using Flash Magic together with Philips P89V664

Started by Gerald, July 13, 2006, 02:28:05 AM

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Hi to all,

I've discovered some problems, using Flash Magic (V3.12) with the Philips P89V664 - (Rev A2 ?) - micros:

1) There is a problem, using the Bootvector - Statusbit - Dlg - Window of Flash Magic if you only want to clear the status bit (to advice the micro to use the default Reset vector at 0x0000) - that is not possible with the current Version.

The Statusbit is only set correctly, if you (successfully) programm a Hex - File.

2) There is also a Problem using the Flash Page Erase (ISP-) Cmd / I think there is a problem in the BootRom ISP - Loader of the micro because the IAP - Flash Page Cmd works perfectly.

I've also sent a detailed documentation of the behavours I've discoverd to the Support - Mail - Adr of Esacademy - hopefully they can at least correct the 1.) Bug.

Best regards