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Started by Don, April 02, 2003, 11:09:35 AM

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I have tried to use Flash Magic from the command line Ex:

FM COM(1,9600);

The Flash Magic does not output anything for the COM and HARDWARE commands.  The ERASE function returns an error saying unable to connect.  Using a protocol analyzer, reveals that nothing is happening to the DTR or RTS lines and the "U" is never sent to establish timing.  

Everything works fine using the GUI version of Flash Magic.  Any ideas?

Andy Ayre

When you run Flash Magic on the command line it performs the operations you request and quits. It has no memory of previous executions of Flash Magic. Therefor when you run Flash Magic you must specify everything you want it to do. For example, try:


This will open the com port, place the device into ISP mode using DTR and RTS and then erase the device, finally closing the com port.

There are two types of directive: Configuration directives and operation directives. Configuration directives configure how Flash Magic should behave and operation directives specify what ISP operations to perform (erasing, programming, etc). If an operation directive is not specified then that operation will not take place. So if you omit the erase directive then no erasing will be performed. However if you do not specific a specific operation directive (COM, etc) then a default configuration is used. These defaults are given in the manual in the description of each directive.

I will consider adding a warning if no operation directives are specified. I think that will be helpful. Currently if you do not use any operation directives then Flash Magic does nothing.

regards, Andy

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