Command Line ERASE Problem

Started by EdH, September 14, 2006, 03:27:25 PM

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Andy Ayre

I don't know why those security bits are set. They are unset when the device is shipped from the factory, for example my test LPC935 here has them unset.

If you continue to only erase the blocks used by the hex file then that will work fine, unless your code grows and needs some space in the top most block in memory. This is the section you are unable to erase.

If version 1.95 is ignoring the error then it would be dangerous to keep using it. One day your code may need space in the top block. You might not realize this and the only symptom will be that your code now mysteriously stops working. At this point you will either remember or waste a day or two fiddling with your code to try and see a pattern (been there, done that).

Your other option is to get a new LPC935 if you don't have the ability to erase the security bits AND you need that section of flash.

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