again iap trouble

Started by markus_13, September 12, 2006, 03:30:01 AM

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sorry, if this is not the right place to ask,
but i read a thread about boot vector corruption because of an Flashmagic <3.03 bug.

I use a 89C51RD2 and was happy to get iap functionality working some month ago. Lately i get trouble with corrupted boot vectors, it looks like.

My question is: does the bug fixed in flashmagic after version 3.03 require to change my iap routines, based of rx2iaplib.a51 esp. the block erase command?

Regards Markus


vector corruption is not FM but the UTTERLY STUPID read of the datasheet showing a RC reset.  a RC reset with a frash based chip WILL fail.



Andy Ayre

FM has no effect on IAP, only ISP, and any changes are to make FM work better with what the device provides via ISP.

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thanks for your answer erik,
while interpreting your answer, i found a note in the datasheet that it is necessary to reprogram the boot vector after programming the status byte...
If i dont comeback to this topic it was the solution.

by the way hardware activation of the boot loader through a pld, which has been tested on another board, looks like a very stable solution.