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Started by admin, November 29, 2006, 01:49:55 PM

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Andy Ayre

Welcome to our new and improved forum. The old system was long in the tooth, lacking some needed features and probably vunerable to exploits. So we decided it was time to upgrade.

All the old posts are grouped together in the Unsorted section. Over time we hope to move these into the correct categories and eventually remove the Unsorted section.

Your existing user name and password should work with this forum, but if you have problems please let us know. For several years the old forum system allowed people to post without registering, until we learned the hard way that it was a mistake to do that. Your post count is taken from how many posts you made while logged in to the old system. If you weren't logged in then your post won't be attributed to you. If you know your correct post count and it matters to you then let us know and we should be able to adjust it.

We are sure that the new software isn't perfect and probably has some flaws, but we will work to resolve all issues. Again, let us know of any problems.

The appearance of the forum may change a bit as we build a new dedicated site for Flash Magic around it. Excuse the dust.

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