Flash Magic Developers Kit

Started by VB-er, February 17, 2007, 08:03:20 AM

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I am to attempt to write a Windows application to allow our users to re-flash their firmware (typically LPC2148). We use Flash Magic to some extent, so I have purchased the Developer's kit. I intend to write the Windows App in Visual Basic 6, then .NET if possible. I know it should be possible to access the FM DLL, my question is - has anyone out there successfully done so?

Or, is there anyone using the Dev Kit with another language (ie. MSVC, Borland, etc.) that can share some tips? I do not see any postings regarding the Dev Kit so far. I would be grateful for any help.



Did you ever get any help?  Is your project running?  I'm needing to do a similiar project.  i.e. Integrate flash magic into an existing remote support tool.


I am trying to do the same with a C# .net project but i have got a problem while calling the _fm_connect() method.