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Started by gates2231, July 01, 2007, 10:11:08 PM

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my name is chinni krishna
i am a +2 student going for engineering in ECE stream
i am using a P89V51RD2 MCU on a board bought frm TRI Techno solutions
i am a good programmer of C and C++

my problem is i am not able to understand anything about microprocessors
i don't know where to start
so plz kindly suggest me good books tat makes me understand micros fully and tat can get me into the position of implementing my own circuit boards
plz help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee


hi im in the same boat, send me if u gt anythin.


no better plae to start than "the '51 bible"
Chapter 1 - 80C51 Family Architecture:

Chapter 2 - 80C51 Family Programmer's Guide and Instruction Set:

Chapter 3 - 80C51 Family Hardware Description:



Similar question as 2 members above. But, erikm resolved this very successfully. Thank you erikm!  :)