How does flash magic write firmware

Started by casperhuang, August 23, 2007, 01:13:11 AM

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Hi All,
    Does any one know How flash magic write firmware to MCU,

    I want to know the detail ?
    I write a program to do firmware writting, but always CRC check no match

    Can any one help me ?

    below are my setps

    I use MCB900, 89LPC921, send file by uart

    1. I set MCU under ISP mode first
    2. Send "U" character to sync serial loader baud rate by my program
    3. Send Clear security byte0, byte1, byte2, byte3 command (intel hex format)
    4. Send Erase Block 0, Block 1, Block 2, (intel hex format)
    5. Sned hex file line by line
    6. over

     When finish I use flash magic to read CRC , but they are no match.


Andy Ayre

If you use Flash Magic to send the hex file does the CRC match?
Does it match for some blocks but not all? Don't forget that the bootloader is included in the CRC calculation for the top most block.

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