Via firmware, how to tell if LPC932 or LPC932A1?

Started by GarryK, September 11, 2007, 06:44:21 AM

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I have a design that was developed using the LPC932.
From the firmware, an iap_write call is used to disable the watchdog timer and enable the ISP mode.

The part has now changed to the LPC932A1 and the iap_write command no longer works... ouch.
It looks like I will need to add an extra setting to get the iap_write command working with the newer part and
I will end up with a mix of boards in the field....

Is there a way from the firmware running on the part that I can detect which part the firmware is running on?
(LPC932 vs LPC932A1)


Andy Ayre

Can you try calling iap_write and see if it is successful or not? Perhaps by waiting a certain period? What does the A1 device do when you try to call iap_write?

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I have added the code for the LPC932A1 after the code for LPC932, and it seems to work correctly with
both versions of the part...:)

Thanks for the response.