P0.1 and P1.0 don't work after program Lock Bits in LPC915

Started by jmlopes, November 26, 2007, 06:32:51 AM

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Hi people !

I'm working with the LPC915 and a strange problem happened. When I set the lock bits (bit 0) block 0 and 1, the P0.1 and P1.0 don't work.
I have a LED in P0.1 and a simple output in P1.0.
I need these pins for the signal output.

What's happening ?

Does someone have the same problem ?

Thanks in advanced.

Jan Waclawek

This Forum is inteded for FlashMagic issues, and not general '51/LPC9xx questions; hence it's not likely you will get a relevant answer here.

You should perhaps consider posting the same question on the 8052.com Forum.


Rob Revens

Hi Jan,

See Erik's post here suggesting he posts the query here.


It may be FM related, as he's setting the lock bits via FM.


and the resolution is there as well.

It was, if you do not take things too far, a 'programming problem.  He programmed to protect an area where he read code from.